6 Amazing Facts Associated with Paranormal Fiction

There are many readers who have an obsession for the paranormal genre. Some always look forward to reading paranormal fiction and watching paranormal films. If you’re among such individuals, then you’d probably want to find out more about paranormal fiction. Well, here we’ve presented certain amazing facts that are associated with such novels.

1. Beloved is based on a real story

A 1987 novel written by Toni Morrison, Beloved tells the tale of a family whose home is haunted. The house is haunted by the ghost of the eldest daughter of Sethe, a former slave. This book is actually based on a real story. Margaret Garner had escaped to the free state of Ohio in the mid-19th century.

When the U.S. marshals stormed into her cabin, they found her attempting to kill her children. By that time, she had already killed her two-year-old daughter to prevent her from being taken as a slave. When Garner had to face trial, she said that she would do it again.

2. Shirley Jackson never believed in ghosts

Shirley Jackson was an American writer who was famous for her mystery and horror novels. Her novel, The Haunting of Hill House came out in 1959. Many consider the novel as one of the best ghost stories ever written. Interestingly, the story was not based on any of her personal experiences.

Neither was it based on any supernatural beliefs. Instead, the story was based on the historical accounts given by people who had lived in haunted homes.

3. Charles Dickens was a ghost hunter himself

Many consider Charles Dickens as one of Victorian era’s greatest novelists. Now you might think that ghost-hunting is a fairly new thing. Well, Charles Dickens was a ghost-hunter in real life. He was one of the early members of a paranormal investigation and research organization called ‘The Ghost Club’. His interest in paranormal investigation might’ve been the inspiration behind his novella A Christmas Carol.

4. Stephen King fears the number 13

If you have a fear of the number 13, you’re not alone. Even the great American author, Stephen King, has an irrational fear of this number. In fact, there are millions of people in this world who suffer from this fear. As there have been many reports of this phenomenon, it has even got a name – triskaidekaphobia.

Those who suffer from this phobia associate the number with danger or bad luck. This superstition prevents them from staying in hotel rooms with the number 13. They even avoid the 13th floor of a building.

5. Artwork in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark originally came out on the 14th of October, 1981. Written by Alvin Schwartz, the book had artwork in charcoal and ink by Stephen Gammell. The book has sold millions of copies until now, but Stephen Gammell’s artwork is often praised more.

Some had even termed the artwork as ‘nightmarish’. The stories in the book have been subject to heavy criticism for their macabre topics. They include cannibalism, murder, and disfigurement. Nevertheless, its illustrator Stephen Gammell went on to win a Caldecott Medal for his lighter illustrations.

6. Mexican Gothic is based on an actual town

This Gothic horror novel written by Silvia Moreno-Garcia came out in 2020. A real town located in the middle part of Mexico served as an inspiration for the novel. The name of that town is Mineral del Monte or Real del Monte. The Spanish chose this town during those times for mining. In the 19th century, the British arrived here and started their mining activities. This earned it the nickname ‘Little Cornwall’.

6 Amazing Facts Associated with Paranormal Fiction

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