4 Intriguing Elements in Paranormal Romance Novels

Novels are classified into different genres. The moment readers are told about the release of a novel, they’re quick to ask which genre it belongs to. So, it’s common to instantly categorize books into their specific genre or sub-genre in recent times.

Many of the readers would be able to identify a book’s genre just by seeing the cover or the blurb. However, the fact remains that it’s not always easy to label every book according to its genre. Still, you’ll find most of the books labeled according to their genre. Among them is paranormal romance.

This genre has a wider scope and includes many different sub-genres. Many individuals like to read paranormal romance owing to all those mysteries associated with it. Of course, there are some intriguing elements or characters that are quite common in paranormal romances. We’ve listed some of them here:

1. The protagonist

This character can either be a male or a female. Generally, the paranormal romance novels have this character in the form of a woman. She is a normal girl who is transported into a paranormal world from her routine life. In this world that she’s transported to, nothing seems familiar.

The reasons for her being transported into such a world can vary. It could be due to one of her past ancestors who wants something from her. One of the other reasons might be her destiny that would lead to her true love. Most of the times she meets a hero who acts as her guide and becomes her lover.

2. The protector

Mostly, this character is a male, but it can also be a female. The character usually wields a sword or a gun, which he or she could most probably need. This character often wins the heart of the reader with some rough talks and a fierce and protective nature. Beneath the battle-scarred body lies an unexpected tenderness. It has been a general observation that this mythical warrior almost never uses the sword or gun.

3. The leader

You might wonder that this character fits into the role of a hero perfectly. When it comes to paranormal romances, he’s the man who is in charge of other males. In other words, he is a leader of a group of men who grabs your attention. He could also be a leader of a group of warriors or the head of a clan of vampires.

This character may also be a link between this world and a realm of demons. The heroine of the novel is more likely to fall for him. He has all the characteristics that would instantly impress the females.

4. The villain

He is the one who always does bad things to good people. This character is mostly the villain of the story who knows that he’s doing all the wrong things. The problem with him is that he still continues to do so and even likes it. He is the ultimate villain and the one who needs to be stopped.

At times, he is a demon or a former overlord. He’s the kind of man that mothers usually warn their children about. Sometimes, such characters have a hint of goodness in some of the paranormal romances. This small element of goodness becomes a reason for his redemption from an evil past.

4 Intriguing Elements in Paranormal Romance Novels

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