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Oct. 29, 2015




Jackie Ivie's You Both
You Both
The Vampire Assassin League #29
by Jackie Ivie
January 7, 2016

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Athlerod and Ethelstone are big. Brawny. Brutal. Identical twins, bred during the Viking era of Iceland, they’ve always done things together. Fighting. Raiding. Pillaging. Plundering. They were dealing death even before vampirism changed them. Together, they are an unstoppable force. But then, a mate shows up.

For just one of them…


Stephanie Bowker likes exposing the truth. She’s a hardline reporter with very little conscience. If there’s a story, and it’s edgy, she’ll get to the truth. She excels at disclosing deepest fears. Darkest secrets. But then her editor gives her a story on a hidden cadre of killers. Assassins who just happen to also be vampires?

She’s supposed to take this seriously? And investigate?


Her phone call leads to unbelievable consequences. She’s on her way to Iceland in a really nice private jet. Accompanied by two identical gorgeous guys who resemble Norse gods. All they seem to do is challenge each other. Wrestle. Fight…

But then something weird happens. Things get intense. They’re really trying to kill each other.



“Do you know why my brother attacked you?” ...

His breath touched the skin he’d tongued. The words iced, creating more shivers before sparking all kinds of tingles. They weren’t hitting in just one place. They were rocketing through her.

She licked at her lips. A fluttery sensation was overtaking her core, while her thighs alternated between sleekly toned appendages, and limbs with the consistency of barely-set gelatin.

“Maybe he’s a...psychopath? Um. Look. You...need to dress. Now.” She didn’t recognize her voice. She’d never heard it at that depth of tone before.

“My brother reacted...because he was still undead.”


“Vampires are walking corpses. Cold. Heartless. Emotionless.”

“I don’t understand. Aren’t you a vampire?”


“You are not cold. And...um. That is a definite hard-on.” She glanced down and back up as she said it. And then she blushed furiously.

He grinned again. Her heart did a flip.

“That’s because I am supremely lucky.”


“There is one thing that changes living death.”


He nodded.


“We find our other half. And mate with them.”


Oh. Balls.

She had to have heard it wrong. The word conjured up all kinds of images. Primal. Bestial. Feral. Passionate. Harsh. And like nothing she’d ever put into an article for anyone to read.

“Please? Um. You need...to dress.” Great. Now, she not only didn’t sound like herself, she was shaking so much, her words stuttered.

“You are not in charge here, Stephanie.”

“And...you are?”

He shook his head.

“I don’t understand. Who is in charge, then?”

The words scraped her throat. She was going insane. Or something worse. She’d never been at this level of want. Felt this crazed with need. Been this desperate for sex, and lots of it. Hard. Heavy. Pounding. Gut-clenching. World-shaking.

“Not who. What.”

He was lunging against her, pushing his erection into the crotch of her jeans each time. And she was clenching as if he was already through the material. And sheathed. Deep.

“Okay. I give. What is in charge?”


He bared his fangs, lowered his mouth to her throat. And bit her.





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