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April 11, 2016




Jackie Ivie's When It Comes
When It Comes
The Vampire Assassin League #31
by Jackie Ivie
July 28, 2016

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Detective Mitch Hartnett's a fourth-generation cop. Works undercover. His world is set. Structured. No nonsense. No leeway. He's martial arts trained. Arrogant. Cocksure. But when a pick-pocket filches his badge during a sting, he discovers a lot more than a beauty in a corset...


Adelaide came from the Edwardian era. Early twentieth century. She was British-born. Street-wise. Lived by her wits and her agility. She's especially leery of cops. With good cause. They're the reason she became a vampire in the first place. And her opinion hasn't changed since.


Arresting a pick pocket turns Mitch's life into chaos. It starts with busted cuffs and stolen ID as she escapes. Escalates when the fingerprints she left get traced to improbable cold case files. Gains traction with how she mesmerizes him every time he lets his guard down. She's worse than an addiction. She's turning his nights into fantasy-filled dreams. But then she comes to him...

And makes them real.



It was useless. He had to reach the dream-state again...the one that had brought her to him last night. It wasn’t an option, either. It was an actual physical need.


The name almost carried his sob. And then she answered!

“I’m here.”

Mitch’s eyes snapped open. She wasn’t above him. He turned his head. She stood in the shadowed area of his door. His heart launched into his throat, making it tight. His mouth went instantly dry.



She wore a white ensemble tonight, making her easy to spot. It also made her image ghostly in the dimness. Almost ethereal. Mitch sat. It didn’t take a hint of effort since his abs were already tight. Ready. He bent both knees to keep his arousal out of sight. And then he just watched her glide toward him. She stopped at the end of his bed. She was breathing heavily, matching him. Each inhalation sent the dual mounds of her breasts into prominence along the top of her corset. She looked amazing. Classy. Feminine. Perfect. She had a little hat on her head, the veil just grazing her cheekbones. Above-elbow-length opera gloves encased her arms. And then, he had to consider that heavenly corset. He couldn’t see what else she wore. Her lower half was hidden by his footboard.

Damn thing.

“Come here.” His command was rough-edged, resembling a large metal zipper as it pulled open.

“We need to talk.”

Her voice was seduction in an audible form. His skin rippled with a renewed flash of goose bumps.

“Come. Here,” he repeated, using exactly the same tone, but spacing the words out threateningly.

“Mitchell. I have something to tell you.”

“I’m warning you,” he answered.

“There are things you need to know!”

“Get your ass over here, lady.”

“I beg your pardon!”

She sounded shocked. Offended. Mitch almost laughed.

“You want it prettied up? Sorry. You got the wrong guy. And you definitely got the wrong time.”

“I have to tell you what I am!”

“You’re a succubus. A fantasy. A damn demon. I don’t know and I don’t care. And I’m way past asking again. Got it?”

The shadow of a smile crossed her mouth. There was something weird about it again. This time, he saw what it was. Two small spikes were just peeking fro m beneath her upper lip, about where her canines should be. Were those...fangs? His mind registered the question. His body didn’t care. Her lips were plump. Lush. Reddened. He watched them move as she answered. The little spikes were white against the backdrop of red.

“I’m not any of those.”

“Like I give a shit.”

Mitch launched forward, grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her onto the bed with him.





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