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jackie ivie's a forever mate
Apr. 10, 2014




Jackie Ivie's TO HAVE
The Vampire Assassin League #19
by Jackie Ivie

BN ID: 2940149243112

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Prince Daron is an ancient. He’s jaded. Bored. His afterlife is routine and mundane. Endless. He toys with his victims for amusement. Anything to take the edge off the endless existence of nothing. And then – without warning. Everything changes.


Evelyn Warner appears to have everything. Beauty. Brains. A body to die-for. And all kinds of self-doubt. That’s what happens with a little sister that continually wins every beauty pageant. But Evie’s got one last chance at success, and she’s not letting anything stop her.


A perfect night explodes in a mass of noise and shock and debris, jettisoning Evie into another world. At her side is a gorgeous guy, wielding heart-pounding kisses and all kinds of passion. She’d love to stay in this weird realm with him. If only she didn’t have to be dead first…



"The mate bond is very strong, eshq-e man. It is an undeniable force. A power beyond time. A paira-daeza beyond description. Few receive it. Few deserve to. I do not know by what right I gained it. I only know that I have. I was wrong. I do not need a harem. I do not need all this space. I do not need anything...except you.” ...

His eyes flashed again. Evie caught her breath and then she gave him her hand.

Everything went crazy. The world rocked, her chair became loose sand that kept shifting, and a bolt of light and sound and heat shot through the area. Or something close. It lifted strands of her hair. It joined a large rush of air that pulsed outward from them, swaying columns, and extinguishing light after light until the room became a huge hollow space illuminated by the throne dais where Daron knelt, and she somehow, still sat.

Nothing about the experience was painful, either. It was the opposite. Evie had never felt such bliss. Thrill. Amazement.

Daron was gripping her hand, arched backwards, and the deepest howl was emanating from him. It launched out into the darkness about them before returning in throbs of sound that echoed and re-echoed. It was bestial-sounding. Primal. Electrifying. Far from frightening her, it added more excitement to the mix, elevating absolutely everything. Her heart ramped into hard heavy beats within her ribcage, her breath came in gasps, her mouth was as wide as her eyes. She was glued to the sight as he finished his cry, straightened, and faced her again. That’s when she noted what was weird with his mouth. Everything stalled for the longest moment. Evie stared at long, spiked, holy-shit-those-can‘t-be-real...fangs.


He said something. She didn’t hear it over the loud, swooshing sound of water running through both ears. Her eyes couldn’t seem to move, either. Not even to blink. This wasn’t possible. It wasn’t right. It wasn’t prudent. Why was she rooted in place, while rivers of goose bumps ran her flesh? Those shivers weren’t remotely unpleasant, either. It felt like her skin had developed a rash and he was the cure. The salve. The necessary unguent.

And she wanted more.





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