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July 28, 2016




Jackie Ivie's Time To Die
Time To Die
The Vampire Assassin League #32
by Jackie Ivie
July 28, 2016

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Tane's name means god of the forests. It fits. Life on an uncharted island was wonderful. It's an even better afterlife. He gets centuries of time in a secluded paradise. Unmapped. Unexplored. Few know his volcanic island even exists. Fewer survive a surprise visit. But then - without warning - his mate appears. ...and everything changes.


Kat Clark's life is a quest. Finding and photographing the world's most endangered creatures fulfills her. She's world-traveled. Used to staying in the most remote places. She doesn't need or want anyone. She's resourceful. Armed. Independent. And she'll fight to keep it that way.


Kat's got a week to find and film a mountain starling. On an island that's uninhabited and supposedly cursed. She's prepared for every contingency - even the law of the jungle. Despite finding ancient ruins. Savages intent on capturing her. And a primitive male in a loincloth. It's survival of the fittest out here.

...and it's not her time to die.



Years ago, when he’d been told of mating it had been a spark of hope. A bit of bright at the end of a dismal existence. Well. He should have gotten a massive warning, too.

Direct sight came with an even bigger effect, akin to dumping fuel on a fire. Her eyes were a brown shade, but not as dark as he’d suspected. There were golden flecks within them, giving off hints of glimmer. Despite the idiocy, Tane locked gazes with her. A swell of music hit his ears to a deafening level, while his heartbeat quickened. His knees wavered. And then his fangs reacted. They erupted into long spikes. Razor sharp. He locked his lips shut. Took small breaths that matched hers. Watched as two dark spots of color appeared on her cheeks.

By every god!

Tane yanked his gaze away with a rapidness that made him light-headed. The move dulled the symphony in his ears. Strengthened his legs. Didn’t do much for how rapidly his heart was beating. Or the fangs that bit into his inner lower lip. This was unbelievable. He was supremely lucky. His mate wasn’t just here...but she was so beautiful! She was small. Trim. Extremely womanly. Her curves were apparent even dressed in loose-fitting safari-inspired clothing. She had sun-kissed, tawny-colored hair. It was a beautiful shade, not unlike a lion mane. It was perfectly complimented by skin slightly lighter than his. Akin to liquid caramel. Engendering a voracious need to touch it. And taste. Her lips were red-hued. Lush. Large.

Her hair was secured in a bun at the back of her head but tendrils had come undone when she’d pulled off the hat. They slid like trickles of water over a shoulder and to a breast pocket of her shirt.

Damn it!

Why had he looked there? She had little nipples. And they were erect. Tane yanked his muscles to a painful level. Made fists with his hands and then shoved them into his chest. It was almost working when she spoke.


He was beside her instantly. He didn’t even know how. He looked down at her. She glanced up toward him and then back down. Her blush appeared again, darker this time. Her every breath was panted, as were his. He lifted a lock of hair with a hand that shook.

“Um. Listen...uh...”

He brought her hair to his nose and inhaled. She smelled so fresh. So...young! He thought he detected the aroma of wildflowers. A hint of honey.

“I...don’t—. I’m not—. This is—.”

She ended sentences abruptly, leaving a major portion unsaid but he knew just what she meant. She spiked a glance toward him again. This time she didn’t move away. Her eyes were incredibly warm. Golden-flecked. Mesmeric...

“I don’t understand any of this, Tane.”

He grunted something low. Deep. She expected him to make sense? Now?

“I mean...you’re so—uh. And this is so—. And I’m feeling so—.”

“I am going to kiss you,” he answered.





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