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Dec. 30, 2013




Jackie Ivie's this vampire as
This Vampire As
The Vampire Assassin League #17
by Jackie Ivie

BN ID: 2940149621460

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Wystan Ryn de Crecy’s a valiant knight. Vampirism didn’t change anything. He abides a personal Code of Chivalry. One steeped in heraldic tradition. Honor. Bravery. Gallantry. Only one thing upsets his afterlife: Women. Every time he’s seen, he’s wanted. Chased. Hounded. He’d rather stay in his crypt. Where it’s quiet. Working with his weapons. Honing his skills. Secreted away.


Officer Rachel Berne has almost seen it all. A soft heart is a weakness in her line of work. She’s confident. Assertive. Skeptical. But then, a guy drops into her path. Literally. A gorgeous guy. Brandishing a killer sword, and wielding an old-fashioned manner. He sets her pulse on fire, her heart to pumping. Too bad he’s claiming to be a vampire. Because she could really go for him.


Wystan’s afterlife has hit a snag: A woman. But not just any woman. A perfect one. His mate. She’s unbelievably beautiful. Totally soul-stirring. Being near her sends his senses into overdrive, his passions to inferno level. Mating is absolute paradise...except she thinks he’s crazy. Or a fraud. Somehow he must convince her. Or lose her forever…



She stepped closer, daring contact, then licked her lower lip. She felt like a teen again. On the precipice of sexual discovery. Weird. She had experience. She’d done a few one-night stands. They’d left her physically satisfied and emotionally blank. She’d sworn off them. But something odd was happening here. Something beyond her grasp of understanding.

She was actually considering sex with some guy she’d just met?


She wasn’t just considering it. She was damn near instigating it. Oh, but she felt wicked. Free. Uninhibited. And out-of-this-world excited. She felt young again and twice as giggly. This was going to be amazing fun. Stupendous fun. More fun than she’d ever had before.

She had to force the giddiness down in order to form words.

“Well, Wystan. I…have some experience. I’ve met…all kinds of personalities. I’d heard you were an introvert. And a recluse. I’m thinking shyness goes pretty much hand-in-hand with those.”

He grunted something that might be an answer. The hairs on the back of her neck rose in response. The man exuded sex appeal with every passing moment. It was juxtaposed with desire that dripped from every syllable she managed to coax from his lips. And then he sent everything ratcheting higher with how his chest rose and fell with each harsh breath.

“Look at me, Wystan.”

He shook his head. Rachel looked up to study him. She was tall. Five-nine was almost catwalk-model height. But he was a hell of a lot taller. Firelight put all kinds of definition to him, too, casting a ridge along his nose, a fringe of spiky shadow from his lashes onto his cheeks. Her entire frame pulsed toward him. Now, that she’d never felt before. She got bolder, moving her index finger toward the spot where his vest-thing met the mass of material wound about his throat.

“Why not?”

“I…can’t explain.”

He answered with a tone that sent throbs of something tangible through the room. They encompassed Munson‘s snoring. The firelight. The slightest scent of rose petals lingering in the air. Rachel touched his neck cloth, and then wove her fingers into the folds, using it as a handhold to get just the slightest bit closer. Close enough to get singed.

“Why not?” she asked again.

He glanced down at her before studying something over her head. The earth shifted. The world spun. Rachel swayed in place, held there by her fingers entwined with his cravat. The look she’d received was akin to a physical force. His pupils hadn’t looked remotely black. They’d contained flame – blue-white at the center – and twice as hot. He’d shot absolute fire all the way through her. It scorched. Electrified. And she couldn’t gain any air!

Rachel’s lips parted to gain breath. Her heart pained. Her head rocked backwards. She felt like a liquid, ephemeral being.

Wild. Unfettered. Uncontrolled.

And nothing like herself

“There’s a beast within me,” he finally replied.

Rachel laughed. It wasn’t a gay sound. It resembled a harpy who’d found her mark. A siren who’d honed in on her doomed sailor. A sorceress who’d spied her victim. And he was spouting nonsense. But it was a full moon. She was on ancient soil. In an awe-inspiring castle. Amidst all sorts of arcane symbolism. In virtual isolation…with a stranger.

Anything seemed possible.

“You mean…like a werewolf?” she asked, not even questioning the insanity behind such a query.


His hands closed about her waist in order to pull her toward him. The exposed flesh above her bodice came into contact with the smooth surface of his velvet jacket. Her fingers gripped tighter to his neck cloth, her legs slammed against his. She could swear she could feel him. Hard. Muscular. Unrelenting. Even through all the layers of fabric swathed about her. And then he lowered his head. Rachel’s eyes went wide on what looked like long, amazingly white fangs. Real…


Holy shit.

“Like a vampire,” he said. And then he lowered his head and stabbed them into her neck.





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