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January 7, 2016




Affaire de Coeur's Hot Guyz Patrol cover contest - 2nd place winner!

Jackie Ivie's Exist adc 2nd place hot guyz cover contest winner
The Vampire Assassin League #30
by Jackie Ivie
April 11, 2016

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Anso’s name is Ancient Germanic. It means ‘god’. It was a name he’d earned. Carried a power he wielded, uncontested. Came with a lack of civility he thrived upon.

And still does.


Leah is a clinical psychologist with a waiting list of patients. A thriving practice. And a non-existent love-life. Men can’t seem to handle her intelligence. Her career success.

...or her womanly curves.


Business takes Leah to Old-World Czechoslovakia. It’s not as interesting or exciting as it had sounded when she’d booked it. Especially the ‘ghost tour’ she’s talked into.

But Prague is hosting something a lot more dark, deadly, and dangerous...



"You need...to put me down."

Her voice was a bare tremor of sound that ended in a low moan. Anso opened his mouth and licked a trail into existence along her throat, held his tongue at the lifted section of a vein as it throbbed with her pulse beat. And then he answered.


The word was whispered against her neck. He watched her skin lift with shivers. His canines responded instantly. With raging need. He licked his lips. Shuddered in place. Fought to control the uncontrollable. He wanted her desperately, but he wanted her just as willing. Hungry. Afire with the same inferno of desire he faced.

"If I wish...a man into existence...the least he can do...is obey."



Had she really linked those two words? Caught her breath several times through the sentence? And moaned the last word? And she expected him to make sense?

Anso grunted. He was losing his last restraint. The force he held back kept mounting. It was just as he'd said, what felt like eons ago at the steps. Where they'd met. She didn't understand.

"Did you really wish for a man tonight?"

"Um. Forget I just said that, okay?"

Her skin moved against his teeth, slicing the smallest bit. Anso rocked in place. Lifted several inches from the floor. Hovered there as the first hint of her blood seeped to the surface.

"Any...man? Or me?"

The words were harsh-sounding. Almost guttural. Easily demonstrating how they'd grated against his throat.


His name was a breathless tone, filled with emotion. He could only hope it was as it sounded - desperation.

"And you wanted...obedience?"

The words were difficult to understand. He didn't have much time left to explain then, either. His fangs were throbbing. His rod pressed against leather in accompaniment. This was becoming torment...to a painful degree.

"Just kiss me already!"

Anso rocked in place. Groaned. And did something much more potent.

He bit her.





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