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Paranormal Nights
Release date:
December, 2013




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Do You Take
The Vampire Assassin League #16
by Jackie Ivie


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Do you take?
Or do you give?


Lucien likes how things panned out. Likes it a lot. The sixteenth century had been hard. Surviving torture sessions by the Spanish Inquisition, even harder. Vampirism was a welcome choice. Now he's master of VAL's underground laboratory. It's his world. Serene. Interesting. Solitary. And then, one morning, everything changes...


Ashley's a thrill-seeker. Mile a minute. No holds barred. Every challenge accepted. So what if everyone thinks it's a subconscious death-wish? It's her life. Living it on the edge makes every moment count. But then someone really does want her dead...


The moment Ashley enters Lucien's private sphere, the gloves come off. No time-outs. No referee. It's man versus woman. XX versus XY. Untouched versus untouchable. Its raging hormones in an enclosed space. Combustible potions on every surface. Every word adds fuel. Every action ignites. And when they touch! This partnership needs a warning label...because they've got work to do. They need to find out who planned her murder.

...and make them pay.



Wait! Was that a sound?

He swiveled, cocking his head toward his alcove, and waited several long moments. Had she moved? Was she even now…stretching? Finding his pallet uncomfortable? Or maybe she wouldn't even notice it through the paraphernalia she still wore on her back. Maybe he should've taken it from her. Released her from that hump-thing. Made her more comfortable. Perhaps he should…

No, Lucien. Stop.

The only sound was the continual thump of his heartbeat in his ears. Reminding him. Tormenting him. Tempting him. Was it the same as hers? Dare he check?


His hands curled into fists and his arms crossed with bruising strength against his chest as he fought what was becoming truly demonic. He'd never dealt with such a thing. He had to find a way to calm it. He needed to stay busy. Concentrate harder. Lucien worked at unwinding his arms and then flexing fingers. He picked up his quill. Dipped it into the inkpot. Started the top swirl of a capital letter. Outlined it. Painted. Filling in where it had faded too much to see, except with his memory.


Lucien jumped at the voice behind him. The quill flew, landing some distance away, putting a splotch of black on his tabletop before it rolled to a stop. His eyes went wide as he watched it. He didn't even have his hood up! There wasn't anything to hide behind. Nothing to shadow the scar in his cheek, misshapen because his tormentor had been shaking, and Lucien hadn't stayed still while they applied it. They'd been branding him with what was supposed to be a cross. Instead it was an "X" shape that started at his temple and bit into his cheek, one end just touching the corner of his left eye while the other reached the bottom of his ear. He'd seen it once. Long ago. Back when he'd had a reflection. It was puckered at the edges, dark red, and very deep.


"Are you Lucien?"

He turned toward her and immediately swiveled back around. Oh, no! His afterlife just got harder to endure. One glimpse was too much! His mate wasn't just pretty. She was beautiful! Exquisite. And immensely womanly. The sound he'd heard earlier must've been her removing whatever disfiguring attire she'd worn. There wasn't anything about her curves except a skin-tight outfit of some kind. He started shaking. And absolutely nothing stopped it.

"I'm Ashley."

She was immune to his sufferings. Or blind. Lucien kept his head turned from her, hiding the left side as she walked past the table. He heard her movements as she found his other lab stool - the taller one - and brought it over. He supposed she perched atop it next. He squashed the urge to check. But nothing prevented him from watching as she picked up his quill and brought it toward her perfect nose as if examining it.

"You are Lucien…aren't you?"

He grunted something. It was the best he could manage. Anything else would contain a shuddering that wouldn't cease. And there was a knot in his throat, capable of blocking sound.

"I'm going to say that's an affirmative answer and go from there. Wow. That Akron needs a bit more description to his words."


The knot shifted. Pained. He had to swallow around it. But something resembling his voice came out. It was rough-edged, and gruff, but it worked.

"Yeah. He said you studied alchemy under Giordano Bruno. Back in the middle ages. He didn't say you were stuck there."





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