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be still my heart
Be Still My Heart



be still my heart
The Vampire Assassin League
by Jackie Ivie

ASIN: B005O2SO98
Release date: September, 2011

Available now at:
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Dominick Miklos St. Guis is a loner, always has been. Not needing anyone makes him the perfect assassin: A shadow on the fringe. Never seen. Never surprised. But when an assignment for a wealthy businessman goes wrong, he finds something much more...


Courtney Dwyer makes her living opening lines of communication. She's got a plan. All she needs is a little financial backing. The last thing she's looking for is a drop-dead gorgeous, silent type...with vampirism tossed in for good measure.


The moment he touches her, Dominick's lost. His entire being recognizes his mate. She's perfect - sending sparks with every contact while breathing life back into his dead soul. Perfect...if only she'd stop talking.



"You are rested?"


Courtney swiveled in her deck chair, wrapping the white dress she wore into a cocoon about her lower legs. She'd been wrong. This man was stunning enough to do anything he wanted with a woman. Any woman. Not just her. And that thought wasn't at all comforting.

"Must you sneak up on people?"

He ignored her for the most part, just as he ignored the chair on the other side of her little table. He must have known leaning against the rail and giving her a perfect look at his profile would be devastating. And damn it all, it was. Courtney took another sip of her drink before placing the glass with precision on the table top.

"I do not sneak. I entered. You do not listen."

"Haven't you ever heard of a contraction?"

He turned to face her, leaning backwards now, and that just put all that man in perfect line-of sight. Tonight he was wearing khakis and a black shirt of some t-shirt material that molded to eye-catching pecs before trying to cover up some truly amazing abs, and then it meandered somewhere beneath his belt-line in defeat. He wore his hair longer than she liked, but with it pulled back in a tail, it wasn't an issue.

What was she thinking? Nothing would look bad on this guy. And it wasn't her issue.

"You have forgotten."

"Forgotten what?"

"I ask the questions."

"Listen Handsome. You keep saying that, and then you muddle your way through some words, and nothing ever gets asked."

"Dominick. My name is Dominick."

It sounded like he was speaking through gritted teeth. On him, that was thrilling in a dangerous/sexy kind of way. It also made a river of goose-bumps rise on every bit of her skin. The man was solid sex appeal. Solid. She sighed heavily and dramatically.

"All right. Fine. You win. Dominick. But I rather like Handsome. I mean, surely you've been called that before. Somebody in your acting career had to have mentioned how drop-dead gorgeous you are. It can't be just me."

And why couldn't she just shut up?

"Acting career?"

"It's a stretch, but I suppose you could be a model. No. That'd be a severe waste. There's a huge chunk of folks looking for smoldering sexuality and man! Have you got the market cornered on that one. I'm the target audience of advertisers, you know, and trust me. You've got what it takes, although you'd probably melt the film every time they try to shoot you."

"Shoot me? Who else will try?"

He was closer, leaning down onto the table and making it groan with the weight of holding him. She hadn't seen the movement. The champagne flute wasn't the only casualty, as it rolled off the edge of the table and shattered on impact. It felt like her heart was going to come right through her chest. She had to wait several full beats and swallow before trying to make sensible words again.

"Wow. Here I was speaking of supreme sexual attraction, and you go and demonstrate. You've definitely got it, Dominick-my-man. In spades."

He narrowed his eyes next. Like that would do anything other than make him more virile and amazing. The man was over-acting, and he was good. Better than any day-time soap star she'd ever seen.

"Who else will try to shoot me?"

"Damn near everyone, I assume."


"I said - damn near everyone who sees you will try-."

"I heard you!"

"Then why on earth are you asking?"

He didn't look like he got frustrated often, if that's what his howl exhibited. That, and the way he lifted the table from the floor, rippling major arm muscle before flinging it right over the balcony. That was just too much machismo. The table wasn't light. And he was being ridiculous. They'd probably make a fortune off this video.




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