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jackie ivie's to honor
November 19, 2014




Jackie Ivie's and to cherish
The Vampire Assassin League #23
by Jackie Ivie

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Cherish is known for a cold, brutal, pitiless demeanor. She learned those traits while she’d lived – a penniless orphan in a cruel world. Born illegitimate. Her presence barely tolerated in life. Vampirism set her free. Gave her value. Nobody knows the soft heart she keeps hidden behind her carefully crafted personae. Protected. Safe. No one will ever find out. But then fate sends the ultimate problem…


Doctor Samson Reid is a late bloomer. He couldn’t get a date. He ceased trying. He focused on birds. They didn’t care what he looked like. A self-described ‘bird-nerd’, he excels at handling the most savage of birds. The raptors. And then life hands him handsomeness. Women come out in droves to see him and his birds. He feels like a stranger in his own life. The entire world is weird. And it’s about to get a lot weirder…


Cherish can’t believe this. She’s mating? How is this possible? And why now? Shouldn’t she want one first? Suffer loneliness? Ache for companionship? And shouldn’t a mate be difficult to find? Surely, he wouldn’t appear one night in her hometown? Without one bit of searching?

She can’t be mating. She refuses to accept it.

And him.



He had a small apartment, a few feet larger than her mausoleum. She had the dimensions pegged instantly. He had a lot of windows. Large ones. They filled two walls of the space they were in, and she could see another one at the end of his hall. His living area and kitchen were one room, divided by a sofa that faced a large flat rectangular thing. Something hummed from the far corner of the kitchen area. It caught her ear for a second. And then other sounds intruded. Strains of mixed-genre music. Steps. Shouts. Talking. Somewhere in the apartment complex outside his door, all kinds of people were laughing. Chatting. Existing.

“You okay? The walk wasn’t too...strenuous?”


The word conjured images. Her. Him. Shedding their clothing. Melding.

Cherish managed to nod. She was still attached to his arm, her fingers affixed about his bicep. She tightened every muscle, working to contain any other type of response. While she still could.

“You want a glass of wine? Or maybe you’d like to uh...freshen up? The bathroom is...uh...whoa.”

Cherish turned toward him as he spoke. Focused on his throat, where a vein trembled with his pulse. His voice had lowered, before halting altogether. She didn’t catch what he’d said. His mouth had been moving. His lips were full. Inviting. She’d never been kissed. Never really cared. But, oh! How she wanted one now.

She put the fingers of her free hand on his chest, flattening her palm so she could feel his heart beating against her skin. With the same rhythm as hers. Each beat sent a spark shooting right to her breast tips. Her fangs elongated. Her lips parted. She couldn’t halt any of it. His shirt had a shadow-stripe woven into it. Her fingers slid along the fabric lines, following them upward, before wrapping about his neck. Her eyes were focused entirely on his lips. So moist. So...inviting.

“Or...we can kiss right here. I’m good with that, too.”

He licked his lips and Cherish reacted, pulling his head toward her while everything else lunged upward. Their lips met. Her canines sliced. And absolute chaos ensued. Samson slammed backward into the wall, taking the brunt of it with his shoulders. Liquid warmth filled her mouth. Heat hit her chest cavity. Her heart seized up for a moment before it crashed to the pit of her belly, sending powerful, heavy beats from there. They matched the movement of their lips. Meshing. Joining.

Each gesture added fuel to the incendiary feeling. Something behind her crackled and then exploded. She caught the sound of glass. Ignored it. Moved even closer to him. Smashed her breasts against a hard chest. She heaved up, wrapping her legs about his thighs. Moaned. Sliced at her inner lower lip, opening a cut that welled blood. And then she waited.

Samson tasted.

And then he reacted.





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