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Feb. 26, 2014




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The Vampire Assassin League #18
by Jackie Ivie

BN ID: 2940149487677

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Sebastian Cole has a dark side. Filled with remorse. Centuries ago he lost his family. His love. His wife. Afterlife is a burden. Each awakening brings yet another reminder of his failure. Of empty hours ahead. Lonely spans of time. It’s his penance. And it’s eternal. Until one night. When he least expects it…


Jill Jones is in heaven. A seven day trip to Paris! Visiting the Louvre! So what if she doesn’t fit in with the others? She never did. Nobody understands her. She should be used to it. She should quit trying, rather than join in an illicit nighttime exploration of the Paris catacombs.


Beneath Paris is a network of tunnels. Catacombs. Containing macabre displays of the dead. Vast sections of graffiti. Cataphiles combing through undiscovered sections. And a menacing, thrilling, gorgeous man. One who doesn’t just want her body…

He’s demanding her soul.




He glanced down. Jill's lips were swollen. Covered with dark red. Moist. Kissable. Her eyes were narrowed, giving him just a glimpse of their ale-shaded beauty. She didn't remotely resemble Isabelle. Isabelle had blue eyes.

Or had they been greenish-blue? No. Maybe hazel?

He couldn't recall? It was like Isabelle had faded, dropping from the altar of conscious thought into the realm of memory. And he hadn't even noticed?

The growl he gave contained pain, and fury, and something very close to sobs.

"Did I do...something wrong?"

The stain of emotion in her voice was like a blow. It slammed through his chest, aiming right for his heart. And when it got there, it wrapped about that throbbing muscle with tentacles of light-imbued warmth. Cradling it. Caging it.

For all time.

Sebastian pulled in a breath. Held it until his chest burned before exhaling. And then he moved his gaze back to her. His mate. The one being slated for him through all time and space. She was a gift beyond perfection. One he hadn't asked for and didn't think he wanted. One, he probably didn't deserve. Her eyes had a patina of moisture atop them now. And his newly awakened heart fluttered in its cage.

"No. No., sweetheart. No. You are perfection."

Oh. She was more than that! Small, yet soft. Curved. And gifted with the most amazing scent. He didn't have much recollection to draw from, but he caught a slight floral aroma. Clean. Warm. It might resemble a field of sun-touched lavender. He inhaled deeply. And then shook with holding back more reaction.


This was incredible. Amazing. Frightening.

"Forgive me." His voice was a rasp of sound. He was surprised it worked. "It has been...some time. I do not wish to alarm you."

"Oh. You don't. But-"

She had her lower lip between her teeth as she said it. She was very pale. It made the blood staining her lips and the blush tipping the tops of her cheeks especially noticeable.


"I...it's. You're. Um. We. Well...uh."

Every word darkened the color tinting her cheeks. And she wouldn't look at him. Sebastian reached a trembling finger to her chin and lifted it, making her face him. It was probably a mistake.

"Yes?" he asked again.

"I...know we're supposed to have...some sort of talk...about now."

His entire body pulsed at her gaze. He barely heard her words. He had a difficult time comprehending them. "We are?"

"A-a-about past history. You know...s-s-sexually transmitted diseases. And b-birth control method of choice."

She was stuttering. That made her even more adorable. And she just kept looking up at him. Every prolonged moment giving a plethora of torment. Every breath she sent over him was doing worse.

"I do not understand," he replied.

"I've never...had a man."

Oh sweetness!

There wasn't a description for the feeling that hit him. It burned and iced, soothed and chafed, strengthened and drained. Sebastian pushed upward to give vent to a howl that contained absolute pleasure. It was lengthy. Deep. And primitive. It caused more damage in the room behind him as things fell, clamoring and banging, before stilling. The echo of his cry ended, leaving the sounds of their panting breath. He dropped his head and bent his arms, bringing his chin level with hers. She was watching him with even wider eyes. Beautiful eyes. Fascinating eyes. Looking exactly like molten gold.

"You will never have another, either," he said.


"Oh, no. No."


He lowered his chin and looked at her through his lashes. The lurch of her frame sent it right against his. He reached behind her, grabbed her rear and slid her forward. And if they weren't still clothed, he'd have reached her cavern, rather than the obstruction of leather. Been burrowing into depths. Sliding deep into honeyed moistness. His eyes narrowed as he fought the urge to tear through fabric.

And somehow he got his mouth to work.

"Possessive?" he repeated.

She nodded. Sebastian grinned, uncaring of his fangs.

"Too bad."





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