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Top Pick - Romance Reader at Heart
"A book that is so beautiful, so incredibly worthy that I will want to read it again the minute I close the last page." --Kristal Gorman, Romance Reader At Heart



by Jackie Ivie
ISBN-10: 0821778099
ISBN-13: 978-0821778098
Publisher: Zebra
Release date: December 1, 2005

Available at:

Sweeping from the cultured salons of 19th-century London to the wild Scottish Highlands, Jackie Ivie's seductive new novel weaves the tale of a desperate lady and a ruthless laird whose only common ground is the territory of desire...

A Lady of Ice

Beautiful and elegant, Elise, the Duchess of Wynd, has survived among the nobility by carefully cultivating a facade of cutting wit and heartlessness. Nothing ruffles her. And no man can break through her defenses...

A Man of Fire

A fierce Scottish warrior, Colin is the new Duke of MacGowan and--in polite circles--looked upon as no better than a barbarian. Nevertheless, he is a lord who brooks no defiance...and holds no rein on his pleasures...

A Promise of Passion

Colin's very presence ties Elise's sharp-edged tongue: She is all too aware that he could be the answer to her prayers--or her worst nightmare. For Elise harbors secrets that could change the course of both their lives. But before she can reveal them, she must make the wild knight her own...


"You're not to watch me. I won't stand for it."

"I'm to do whatever I wish with you. Have na' you learned that much, yet? You've nae reason to worry, though." He'd put his finger up as she spun to face him. That was stupid, considering the corset fell to the floor at her motion. Elise had to cross her arms about her chemise. The flimsy material was her own fault. She should have ordered them in thickest cotton, instead of filmy lawn. He was frowning enough for both of them as he finished his words,"...the inclination fits my own."

"This isn't a good idea."

"I've my fill of it, too. I've been denied for so long, I've yet to decide which part of my anatomy aches the worse. Bloody hell! Forget I said that. Get into yon bath and allow me some dignity."

He spun from her and paced to the furthest wall. Elise didn't dare look to see what he was doing. She pulled the dress down, and stepped out of it. She laid it carefully over a chair. It would be easier to pack that way.

She wasn't as careful with the petticoats. She pulled them off as quickly as possible, and tossed them to the settee, where they shimmered like a storm cloud.

"Must you dawdle?" Colin snapped out.

Elise walked to the farthest side of the tub. The fire was blazing yet she was shivering. "You...you'll need to turn aside."

"Like hell I will."

She lifted her chin. "Either turn, or I'll bathe in my underthings. You give me no choice."

He swore again and she glanced over at him. His jaw was set, and he had his lips in such a thin line, they were nonexistent. "The count of ten. No more. Be modestly covered in that water by then."

Elise watched as he swiveled his entire body sideways to her, so he faced the windows. There were no drapes at either window, but it wasn't necessary. The walls were just shy of a yard thick. Elise knew it because she couldn't reach the glass when she'd tried.

"Ten? I can't do it that quickly!"

"I'm already on two," he informed her.



  • Winner-Best Historical Cover in Houston Bay Area Judge a Book by It's Cover Contest
  • Finalist-2006 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Contest
  • Finalist-WisRWA's Write Touch Award for best Historical Romance Novel

Five Ribbon Read "Tender is the Knight is a delicious romp that screams to be read in one sitting. Jackie Ivie does a beautiful job keeping the reader glued to their seat while she weaves a tale with vivid imagery, complex characters, gripping plot and a passion electrifying enough to scorch you. I loved Elise for her razor-sharp tongue, her naïveté and the huge heart she tries to hide from everyone. At first I wanted to slap Colin for his arrogance, but in the end he captivated my heart for becoming a man any woman would love to have. I laughed out loud at all the antics and bantering and cried when two compelling characters find their happily ever after. Tender is the Knight is a must read and will be going on my keeper shelf. Ms. Ivie is now at the top of my auto-buy list and I anxiously await her next enchanting tale."
--Billie Jo, Romance Junkies

"Wow...what a wild ride. Colin and Elise are so alpha...it just takes your breath away. Here we have two people, who know exactly what they want out of life, and that means they don't want each other...until fate takes a hand and doesn't give them any choice. And let me tell you, sparks fly like crazy...the pages burn with their passion. The storyline is fantastic, the characters are warm and fun and the attention to detail, right down to the last slipper or boot, leaves nothing for the readers to wonder about. Nothing gets in the way of losing yourself in a Jackie Ivie book."
--Debbie, A Romance Review 5 Roses
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"Author Jackie Ivie creates a concoction of clever banter, Scotish adventure, Victorian sensibilities, and a bit of insight into the fate of women forced into marriages not of their chosing in this entertaining romance. Elise makes a fascinating character--intent on using all of the weapons which nature and skill can bring in order to preserve her independence. Her loyalty to her late sister, and her guilt over not treating her sister better, make her more sympathetic. Colin is the classic alpha hero--all force, determination, pride, and readiness to believe the worst, even as his instincts point him toward the truth."
--Rob Preece, Books for a Buck 4 Stars
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"...well drawn characters that...you can cheer for and cry for. Over all the effects transport the reader to a time and place different from the modern world. I would call this romance light. It lacks the overbearing heavy breathing that I find so annoying and in its place is witty dialogue, much more fun. Tender is the Knight provides a guilty pleasure perfect for reading in a bubble bath, a plane or sitting on the beach."
--Sondra Fowler, Reader Views

"...the story's strong plot, wonderful repartee and witty dialogue, including those of the secondary characters, will fully delight and captivate you. This is one book you definitely won't want to put down! A great read!"
--Audrey Lawrence, The Romance Studio 5 Hearts
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"Jackie Ivie has a fresh voice that is a joy to read. The setting is wonderfully portrayed. Whether it is London society or the rolling hills of Scotland, readers can easily visualize the scenes she has devised. The dialogue flows easily, with the banter and lively repartee lending a special spark to the characters. Colin and Elise are enjoyable, dynamic characters. This reader was hooked trying to figure what lay beneath the Ice Goddess"s surface. The hints of tenderness between them are touching and will make readers ache when they continue to be apart. The secondary characters add depth, cut to the heart of the issues, and allow readers to better understand the main characters. Ms. Ivie"s storytelling abilities easily lure readers into this story and ensure that from start to finish this is a book worth reading."
--Amanda, Fallen Angel Reviews 5 Angels
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"Tender Is The Knight is full of banter, humour and charm....The characters were a pleasure and the chemistry was not to be denied. While the book is light hearted and meant to make you chuckle as you read along, it does touch upon some dark aspects of each characters personality endearing them to the reader. Their respected hired help Daisy and Mick were a joy to read and added to the humorous bantering of the sexes making Tender Is The Knight one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable reads I have read. Jackie Ivie delves into her characters and as the story moves along you see the mistakes and the assumptions people make when in love. Tender Is The Knight is a novel I would whole heartily recommend to any reader, I enjoyed it thoroughly and anxiously look forward to reading more from Jackie Ivie."
--Laurel, Mystic Castle Reviews
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"...Ms. Ivie has written this story straight from the heart. It has a depth to it that will touch you and emotions that will grab you."
--Connie, Once Upon A Romance 5
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"Author Jackie Ivie succeeded in capturing my interest right at the beginning of the story and never letting me go. I understand now that Jackie Ivie enjoys pitting strong heroes and heroines against each other.
The heroine, Elise, is no fainting violet who needs to be constantly rescued. Nor does she do things so incredibly stupid that I just want to slap her. As for the hero, Colin ... well, let's just say the author wrote his character perfectly: from the haughty Laird to the confused and caring man.
An exceptional tale filled with honor, love, and witty banter that I am thrilled to highly endorse! OUTSTANDING!"
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews 5 stars
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"...this romance will send the message board into a frenzy of polarized discussion. I can"t wait....I was enthralled and kept reading this one until well past the time I should have been asleep...
--Jane Jorgenson, All About Romance B+
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"With the clever and astutely written dialogue by Jackie Ivie for this fascinating historical, there is never a dull moment between the characters...Tender is the Knight keeps readers eagerly anticipating each skillfully written word...."
--Amelia, Cataromance 4.5 stars
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"Ms. Ivie has created a wonderful romantic tale with some fascinating characters and descriptive backgrounds. Taking an inventive plot with plenty of twists and turns she weaves with these characters adds intense dialogue with plenty of sexual tension. The end result is a fabulous romance which will truly entertain and delight you. I look forward to Ms. Ivie"s next book."
--Wateena, Coffee Time Reviews 4 cups
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"Every once in a while I will read a book that just makes my heart stop. A book that is so beautiful, so incredibly worthy that I will want to read it again the minute I close the last page. Tender is the Knight is that book.... Ms. Ivie puts so much emotion into her characters, gives them so much life, that I know that this is one book I will never forget. Tender is the Knight will live on my keeper shelves and I know I will pick it up again and again to revisit this wonderful story."
--Kristal Gorman, Romance Reader at Heart
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