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risk-taking book..."
Sensuality: HOT

-All About Romance
(on Lady of the Knight)


Top Pick - Romance Reader at Heart
"A book that is so beautiful, so incredibly worthy that I will want to read it again the minute I close the last page."
--Kristal Gorman,
Romance Reader At Heart, about Tender is the Knight



a knight before christmas
by Jackie Ivie
ISBN-10: 0821780123
ISBN-13: 978-0821780121
Publisher: Zebra
Release date: October 1, 2006

Available at:

Set in 1455 Scotland.

The wintry Scottish Highlands is the setting for Jackie Ivie's magical new novel of a man and a woman who battle the elements and each other to learn that the season's greatest gift is love...

A Reluctant Husband

Caught in a furious blizzard, battle-weary Myles Donal has only two options: die alone in the snow, or make his way home by order of his sire to marry a woman known as the Harridan of the Highlands. The warm glow of light in a small croft will only delay his fate...

A Rebellious Bride

Kendran is not about to share her hard-earned shelter with anyone, especially not a man! Running away from an arranged marriage was her only chance at freedom--and she'll not forfeit it to another arrogant male...even one as devilishly attractive as Myles Donal...

A Wedding to Remember

Snowbound and equally stubborn, Myles and Kendran engage in a battle of wills that quickly becomes a passion too fiery to ignore. "Wedded bliss" may be an abhorrent concept to both of them, but true love is not so easily denied...


"I . . . want to touch you."

Myles stirred, unsure if the whisper was in his mind, his dreams, or this reality of his that was this hell.

"What?" He rolled his head and lifted it.

The wolf wasn"t glaring at him like it had been, nor was there any sign of it. He looked around. There wasn"t any clue to the voice behind the words, either. He sighed and put his head back down. Dreams. Cursed dreams.

"Only . . . you."

If he hadn"t fallen asleep on his front, shoving his cheek into the pallet covering, he wouldn"t have to do a semi push-up in order to turn his head completely. The words were still being whispered, and they were still coming, and it was Kendran making them. He shook his head to clear it. It didn"t work.

"No?" she asked.

"Nay, lass. Na" that. What . . . did you just say?" He was waking and it was a rapid thing. He shifted onto his side to see her better. The plaide on him shifted with the motion, unwrapping about his nakedness.

She pinkened. He rather thought this blush worse than any previous ones, for it met the collar of his shirt, and probably went beneath it as well.

"I . . .."

It surprised him that she was on the pallet at his side. It was also strange that she was on this side of the croft. As she"d also dismissed the threat of her wolf, it was very surprising that she"d approach him. And waken him. And say what she just had. All of it was dreamlike. He cleared his throat and wondered where his spittle had gone to.

"Did you just say . . . you wished to . . .." He gulped with another dry motion. He watched her go even redder. "Touch me?" he finished.

She looked up at him then. The roar in his ears crested and his heart lurched into the depths of his belly before rising right into his throat, where it became a pounding block of more dryness. He could melt in the depths of her gold-starred blue eyes. He longed to, wanted to, nearly begged to . . ..

She nodded.

His own heartbeat went to a deafening level in his ears, and his eyes widened. He was afraid his mouth wasn"t far behind. He was afraid to breathe.

"Now?" he asked.

She looked away, focused somewhere on the length of plaid that had unwound from him and lay at his side. Then she nodded again. To the coverlet. Not to him.

Myles reached out a hand and lifted her jaw, making her face him.

"Why?" he asked.

That made her blush worse. He watched her eyes film over with a sheen of moisture. He truly didn"t think she"d answer him.

"Because you"re beautiful," she whispered, so softly he had to crane forward to hear it. "And . . . I"ve never been around a man of such . . . beauty and such . . . brawn."

Myles"s lips pursed to stop the feeling. He knew what it was although he"d never experienced quite that combination with this strength and fervor before. It was unmitigated satisfaction. And it was followed almost immediately with hunger. The reaction was worse in his groin. He was grateful she didn"t glance there as everything jumped and grew and started tormenting him with its own pulse. He moved his fingers away and gazed at her. Gazed deep.


Her forehead crinkled as she watched him.

"You also said you wanted it to be only me. Only me? What does that mean?"

She looked to the right of him and then the left. The firelight was fickle and was lighting only a portion of her face. He watched as she chewed on her lip. Then she met his eyes again.

"I dinna" wish you . . . touching me."

"What?" Surprise colored the word, making her jump. It was also the emotion flooding him, making him rosy up nearly as much as she had. Only his wasn"t embarrassment. It was baser than that. It was anger. And intrigue. And savage interest.

"Why?" he asked, finally.

She shrugged. Then she answered, "What . . . happened . . . this morn. I dinna" ken."

"What dinna" you ken?" he asked.

"This . . . thing." She waved a finger toward him and then pointed it back to herself, and then she sent it back to him, only this time she hovered a hair"s breadth away from his shoulder. It didn"t help. She might as well have already been touching him and caressing and doing a thousand other things. It felt like every part of him was trying to leap toward it.

He swallowed around the obstruction still blocking his throat, although it wasn"t pounding as severely as before. "What thing?" he asked.

She tipped her head a bit to the side and regarded him. He knew the look. He felt belittled and chided just from receiving it.

"Verra well. This . . . thing, as you call it. What dinna" you understand?"

"What . . . and why."

"‘Tis want and desire and lust and craving and hunger. Base hunger. That is what it is to me. I fought it. I lost. Now you want me to sit still . . . while you practice at all of that? On me?"

Her lips were probably going through the same emotions he had earlier when he"d stifled his humor. Then, she lost out to it and simply smiled. It wasn"t a gentle smile, either. It was bright and it was dazzling, and it was followed almost immediately with sober awareness. And she was breathing harder as well, if the swell of her bosom from beneath his shirt was any indication.

"That"s it. Exactly." She whispered the words. They still sounded like music. Sweet, oiled, and perfumed music. Myles lifted his eyebrows and eased himself into a sit, puddling the material into his lap to hide what she wasn"t ready to handle.

"How much of this touching do you wish to do, lass?" Myles was amazed his voice came out as smooth and unaffected as it sounded. If it matched every piece of his body, he"d have been yelling it.

She lifted a shoulder in a shrug. He watched her do it and tempered every other reaction on his entire body. He did it for a reason. He wanted to play this new game of hers. And he wanted to win at it.



"Jackie Ivie is a woman who obviously has a lot of great stories to tell. Her books are filled with magic and love so deep, they take my breath away. The Knight Before Christmas is another keeper to add to my ever-growing shelf of Jackie Ivie books."
--Kristal Gorman, Romance Reader at Heart Read Full Review. Top Pick

"The Knight Before Christmas a beautifully written Scottish historical. Ms. Ivie pens a magical tale laced with fiery passion and takes you on a journey of treachery, suspense and a love that is determined to conquer two people"s hearts. The ending will leave you completely satisfied for weeks after you have finished the last page. Kendran is a strong-willed and passionate character that you can not help but to love. Myles is oh so sexy, stubborn and honorable. The secondary characters are vibrant and I had to keep reading to see where they fit in. I also had to know how their part would complete the tale. I laughed at the sassy bantering and shed tears for two people who belonged together. The Knight Before Christmas is definitely a charming tale I recommend to cozy up on the couch with in front of a roaring fire. Well done, Ms. Ivie, for drawing this reader in and keeping her glued to her seat."
--Billie Jo, Romance Junkies 4.5 Blue Ribbons

"If you"re looking for a fun romance that has a bit more depth than the usual fare, check out The Knight before Christmas. Jackie Ivie promises to be an author you remember."
--Erika Napier, Round Table Reviews

"In a Knight Before Christmas, Jackie Ivie takes us back to medieval times in Scotland where magic is in abundance making for an often humorous but heart-warming tale as Kendran and Myles are urged to fight for love.. not duty but honor demands otherwise. It's a tale that any reader will enjoy this holiday season and proves that miracles and wishes do come true."
--Mystic Castle Reviews

"Writing with a wit and humor that will delight readers, Jackie Ivie provides a clever tale, bringing to mind the desperate plight of famed lovers Romeo and Juliet. Ivie"s characters pop, her setting is wonderfully authentic and the plot is fast paced and full of twists and turns that will have readers guessing until the very last page. The secondary characters of Kendran"s sisters bring magic and interest to the story, and the love of the hero and heroine is epic! THE KNIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS delivers what every romance reader wants: sheer, engrossing entertainment! I"ll be looking forward to reading the next book from this talented author."
--Janean Nusz, The Road to Romance Read Full Review.

"Author Jackie Ivie delivers a rolicking adventure of a story. Myles and Kendran are teriffic characters, suitable for one another because of their flaws as well as their virtues. Ivie combines humor with great characters, fine writing, and a complex situation that really does seem doomed to keep the lovers from achieving their goal of marriage (to each other). I am very happy to recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fun historical romance.."
--Rob Preece, Books for a Buck 4 Stars Read Full Review.

"This story is fun, fast paced and totally sexy. The romance and heat coming from these two characters fairly burns the pages. The setting is wonderful and very romantic, in a rustic sort of way. The secondary characters are amazing…you"ll love Myles"s horse…what a hoot! There nothing about this book that you won"t like and believe me, you"ll have a very hard time putting this book down."
--Debbie, A Romance Review 5 roses Read Full Review

"Author Jackie Ivie delivers a little magic, a little fate, and a lot of passion in this tale of Highland romance. I found some surprises and a twist or two as Myles and Kendran battle destiny. As for Lady Sybil, that character is more than meets the eye. I can hardly wait to dive into her story! Excellent reading here."
--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews 4 stars

"I highly recommend THE KNIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to readers seeking to indulge their senses with an electrifying romance. Set in a harsh Scottish landscape, during a time of kilts and castles, Ivie delivers a novel with nuances of Shakespearean plays and fairy tales."
--Brooke Spicher, Scribes World 4 stars

"The Knight Before Christmas...gives readers a fiery romance between Kendran and Myles. Readers will find the building of their attraction fun a feisty, as they meet for the first time in the croft. Then as circumstances make them pull together, Ivie takes readers through the paces as they find true love only to have it taken away. The Knight Before Christmas is full of surprises, but readers can expect that a wedding will happen and it will be by Christmas. There is nothing more romantic then a December wedding and Ivie gives readers romance and so much more. "
--Tracy Zappala, Historical Romance Writers Overall: 9 Read Full Review

"With intense sexual tension, memorable characters and emotional moments, THE KNIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS is a seasonal story which will work its way into your heart. "
--Amelia, SingleTitles.com 5 stars

"The Knight Before Christmas is a hot, sweet and yes, spicy read to warm up a cold winter night."
--Jenn, Coffee Time Romance 4 cups

"This is a historical with a love story that will leave fans smiling. Ms. Ivie has gotten a new in fan in me, and I can't wait to read more of her work. I highly recommend THE KNIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to all fans of historical romance with Scottish heroes."
--Wendy Keel, Romance Reader Connection 4.5

"I really enjoy Jackie Ivie"s way with words. Normally I stumble a bit when dialect is used with the written word but she uses it so naturally that I didn"t find myself stumbling past about the first page. Once I had settled into character the dialect flowed easily and created enchanting conversations. "
--Lori Graham, Once Upon a Romance 4.5

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