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by Jackie Ivie
ISBN-10: 1420108859
ISBN-13: 978-1420108859
Publisher: Zebra
Oct., 2011

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Forever Knight

WINNER! --Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence!
Finalist -- RT Reviewers Choice Award for British set Historical!
top pickTOP PICK! --Romance Readers at Heart
Second place --JABBIC cover contest!

by Jackie Ivie
ISBN-10: 1420124005    ISBN-13: 978-1420124002
Publisher: Zebra - September 4, 2012

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Deep in the Scottish Highlands, a stalwart clansman and a wayward bride confront duty and desire...

A Man Of Misfortune

With his reckless, drunken brother bringing ruin to the clan, and the lass he's loved all his life in the clutches of a violent husband, the last thing Thayne MacGowan needs is a spirited, sharp–tongued damsel to contend with—no matter how enticing she may be...

A Woman With A Secret

Having narrowly escaped an objectionable arranged marriage, Amalie is starting a new life—with a new identity. But her freedom is cut short when a surly but irresistibly handsome Highlander is forced to take her as his bride. If only he knew who she really was...

An Unlikely Love

Fate designs an improbable match, and a battle of wills ensues. As Amalie struggles to protect her identity, Thayne finds himself fighting for an unexpected love—and a passion neither can refuse...



“That chair’s too big for you.”

Amalie lifted her head and blinked. Thayne was wearing another kilt affair although this one was in a brighter hue. Or something. Beneath it he wore a broadcloth shirt, with a cascade of ruffles down the front. He’d pulled his hair back into a queue that still looked wet if the shine was an indicator. And he’d shaved. Her heart palpitated unreasonably and fully.

“’Tis almost too large for me.”

“Why…did you craft it…then?”

Her voice had a little girl stammer to it. Amalie grimaced as she scooted to the edge of the chair and then dropped to the floor, her toes flinching at the chill. The fire had been banked behind her, making it colder than before. It was also dark. She hadn’t noted that. She did now. What torches had been lit were out, all except the doorway and the far side of the room. Over by his bed. They’d created an oasis of light with candles. Highlighting. Beckoning. Amalie gulped and slid along the table from him.

“I had large forebears. One of the MacGowan Chieftains needed chairs that size to prevent them breaking. Where are you going?”

He’d gestured to the rest of the chairs before reacting to her shuffle around the table.

“You…shouldn’t be here.”

He grinned. Her heart flinched, then surged, then retracted with a painful beat. All of it suffusing her frame with flush. If she wasn’t using one hand to hold her robe together and the other to lift the front she’d have moved one to her chest.

“’Tis my chamber,” Thayne remarked.

He’d no right to look like he did. No right to kidnap her and then keep her. He’d no right to own a chamber like this! Or be as wealthy and powerful as he was. And he had absolutely no right to withhold all of that information like he had!

“Then...I shouldn’t be here.”

The last word was lost in a mad dash to the door, crossing what felt like leagues of floor, leaping onto each step and crossing it, and then she was at the big wooden doors. Amalie dropped the robe to alternately push and then pull at the handles without effect. She might as well try and move trees. She was forced to stop and look at why. He had the double doors blocked with a bolt across them the width of a body but easily three time as long. Or perhaps four. Amalie narrowed her eyes and swiveled, although the robe at her ankles didn’t make the move fully, creating a twist of plaid about her legs that defined the limbs. She’d fix it but she needed her other hand to hold the robe about her and all her attention on the man coming toward her. Thayne hadn’t chased her. He didn’t need to. He’d locked her in. He had a slight limp to every other step as he came toward her. She started speaking before he reached the bottom of the stairs.

“You locked me in!”

“We’re both in,” he remarked.

“But…how can you lift such a bolt?”

He smirked slightly. “It slides.”

Amalie looked over her shoulder and grit her teeth. Stupid. She’d been aroused from a near-sleep existence and hadn’t been thinking. And now, she’d lost her chance.

“There’s naught outside this room for you, lass. Save my brother. Is that what you want?”

She gave an involuntary shiver. “All I want…is…freedom.” She knew it wasn’t true as she said it. But he’d never know.

“Too late.”

“No, it’s not. We haven’t—.” She couldn’t say the word but he knew what it was.

“I’ve informed all of your position in my household. You’re the chatelaine. You’re granted control of the keys to the buttery, armory, and treasury. You’re to receive additional allowance for your needs.”

“I don’t want it.”

“You doona’ want an allowance?”

His eyes flicked to how the wool was failing at its job of covering her. She watched him do it. Then he licked his lips, making her rock in place and stumble. That was before he took a step onto the lowest plateau, narrowing the distance between them and forcing her to look up to keep contact with his eyes.

“I don’t want any of it.”

“Too bad. And much too late.”

“Now…wait! We don’t have to do this. You-you-you…have a seaport! You said you d-d-did.” He’d moved another step closer, gotten taller, and Amalie’s stutter showed the effect.

“Aye,” he replied.

“I can catch a ship! I can disappear!”

“Lass.” He breathed the air out, cleared his throat, and looked slightly discomfited. And that just made her heart pulse again. “I’ve claimed you. Afore God and man. I gave my word.”

“I’ll never tell,” she whispered.

“You canna’ stop your word, once given.”

“You can put out more word. Tell them I…died.”

“You want me to lie? Be just like my brother, Jamie?”

‘No,” Amalie whispered.

“Good. Because I’ll na’ stoop to that. You should na’ either.”

“You can…let me go. Get an annulment. The babe is safe. You’re safe. There’s no need to continue this farce.”

“You’re truly na’ going to keep your word?” he asked.

Amalie narrowed her eyes, hoping it showed disdain. It probably failed and didn’t mute much of his impact, either. “I was forced to say it. It was life or death. Or worse. You know that. You were there.”

“That’s na’ the word I refer to,” he replied.


Reviews Forever Knight

Colorado award of excellence winnerWINNER!
Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence

Finalist -- RT Reviewers Choice Award for British set Historical!

top pickTOP PICK!
Romance Readers at Heart

Second place --JABBIC cover contest!

4.5 Stars!
Ivie’s newest title raises the bar with its strong plot, fast pace and hold- your-breath action. Rife with unusual but excellently portrayed characters from extremely different backgrounds, this story is filled with incredible sexual tension, excellent repartee and unexpected perspectives. A romance of depth and passion. - Kathe Robin, RT Book Reviews

ctrr award5 Cups! - Coffee Time Romance Reviews Award!
A Perfect Knight for Love is a classic Highland love story that was a joy to read. An elegant castle of the Scottish nobility of the 17th century provided a magnificent setting for Thayne and Amalie’s romance. Overall, Ms. Ivie crafted a romance that you won’t want to put it down until you have read the last page. - Rita, Coffee Time Romance

4.5 Stars!
"The action in A PERFECT KNIGHT FOR LOVE keeps you riveted, while the romance deeply affects." - Singletitles.com

Ms. Ivie has penned a compelling, passionate tale of adventure, love and loyalty. Amalie and Thayne are larger than life, each with their own views on how the world should work--which just so happen to conflict with one another...Great descriptions of castles, decor, clothing, the Scottish countryside. The scenery was vivid and truly popped. This was a nice escape story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of Ms. Ivie's work. - History Undressed



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