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(Short Story)
by Jackie Ivie

March, 2011

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ISBN-10: 0758261527
ISBN-13: 978-0758261526
Publisher: Kensington - August, 2011

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Vampire Iain Duncan MacAvee has stepped forward to claim the woman he betrothed years ago - only to learn that the tempting Lady Tira knows nothing of the engagement. Though Tira feigns disinterest, the Duke's animal-like charisma has unleashed her most carnal desires -a hunger only Iain can satisfy...



She barely felt his lunge into a carriage before speaking the punishment Ulrich might earn then she experienced the rapid sway of a vehicle in high motion combined with the harsh rhythm of breaths Iain huffed continually and with absolute precision all over where the bodice left her skin exposed. His ship was impossible to see through the fog-warped dock, but without stopping Iain jumped from the carriage, crossed the gangway, a deck, and then entered a cabin, with doors shutting behind him seemingly of their own accord.

And then he set her unsteadily to her feet and pulled away, holding his hands over his face while he shoved more harsh breaths through his lips. And with them came words.

"Forgive me, Leannan. I'm a fool and a wretch."


"Nae! A wretch and then a fool! For what I've done! Doubly so for na' stopping-! Hell-fire! Get this ship under-way!"

He yanked the door open to yell, sending waves of sound with it. Tira heard the noise of running feet, a grinding clatter, shouts and hollering from somewhere in the night and she was almost afraid Iain meant to leave her if she didn't do something to stop him.


She said it softly and got a stiff back and then a shut door. Iain turned toward her and appeared to hunch his shoulders slightly, as if to expecting a blow. He wouldn't meet her eyes, either.


"What have you done?"

He pulled in a huge breath, looming so large he nearly touched the decking above his head, which was where he appeared to be looking. "I'm na' entirely certain I can tell you."

"But...can you do it again?"

His mouth opened. Closed. Opened again. Then he lowered his eyes to hers, and the moment they met, the lantern behind her flared, sending light onto all of him, while superimposing her shadow on the wall behind him. A blink later the light dimmed, returning her indistinct shadow to one caused by faint golden glow basking on wooden walls.

"Yes. Like that. Just...like that." She was panting and the words revealed it. Oddly, it seemed to create the same exact reaction in him.



booksellers best award



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