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(Short Story)
by Jackie Ivie

March, 2011

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Forever Knight
Colorado Award of Excellence contest finalist!!
by Jackie Ivie

ISBN-10: 1420108859
ISBN-13: 978-1420108859
Publisher: Zebra - Oct., 2011

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In the heat of battle, a powerful Scottish laird takes a mysterious woman captive...

His Powerful Desire

When Aidan MacKetryck finds a flaxen-haired maid caught in the crosshairs of battle, he quickly saves her from certain death. But while Aidan expects gratitude, he is sorely disappointed—for the fiery lass makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him...

Her Dangerous Secret

Juliana D'Aubenville is in hiding from those who want her entire family to perish. Despite her attraction to the strikingly handsome Aidan, Juliana knows she must escape before her identity is revealed. The trouble is, Aidan refuses to let her go...

Their Forbidden Love

With each moment Aidan and Juliana are together, their desire becomes more enticing—and harder to resist. But just as Aidan tries to lay claim to Juliana once and for all, their darkest secrets are finally revealed—putting both their love and their lives in terrible danger...



Aidan had her into a berth within his arms the next moment, well away from the torment that was her woman spot rubbing right against his lower belly. Then, he was stalking through the wet, soft ground. He was determined to carry her to his tent, deposit her on the cot, and leave her there.

Women! They were the curse and bane of the earth. That's what they were. And women who looked like this Juliana were the worst. They were put here to torment a man, make him do and say and think things that weren't. Punish him for chivalrous behavior. Punish him worse for need. Keep him in a frustration of want fueled by his own honor and denial. Make certain he'd not only regret saving a bonny wench, but also the self-induced restraint that kept a man from taking and enjoying and savoring said wench until hell sounded better.

Aidan was shoving words through his head with every step, adding more transgression to beautiful women who denied a man at his lowest, before he reached the door flap of his tent. He didn't even slow down, pushing it instead with his momentum and making the piece of material cling to his head before he moved three large steps to the cot, set her down atop it, and then went to his haunches on the ground beside it.

He'd failed. He knew it. He only hoped she didn't.

The door flap settled into place behind him, sealing them into a personal bit of space that had only rain-lit dusk to light it. Juliana had her legs curved over the edge of the cot, her hands wrapped about her torso, and a wide-eyed look that gave him a full unsettling dose of her eyes. They'd stunned him when he first saw them, and it hadn't changed. Or muted. Or done anything other than intensify the dazed state of everything. Aidan shook his head to clear it. Then, he did it again.

Why her?

"Please?" she asked.

Aidan thought that's what she said, but the whooshing sound was back again, fuller than before. Nothing about her whisper penetrated it. All of which was an excuse for shaking his head again like he didn't understand.

"Why na'?"

"You nae longer have...a home."

He answered brutally and watched her eyes moisten with tears she could blink into existence. But she didn't. Instead she watched him with dewy eyes and a frame that was shaking as she caught her breath in little gasps. And then she raised her little chin, narrowed her eyes, and argued with him.

"I do."

"Na' back there," he replied.

"You don't know that."

He nodded. "I do."

"Let me go. Please?" She had a pretty plea tone as well. If he wasn't in a whorl of frustrated longing, he might even listen before he denied her.

"Nae." He made certain she understood by shaking his head.

"Why not?" She sounded cross. Strict. Stern. She didn't look it. Aidan roamed his vision over lush, lovely, and right-sized woman curves.

"Because I rescued you," he told her when he'd finished looking her over.

Her plea look changed to a completely blank one. If it wasn't so shadowed in the tent, he might be able to find an expression, but he doubted it.

"So?" she asked.

"And I claim you."

"You can't claim me," she informed him.

Aidan raised an eyebrow, watched her glance at it and saw her swallow quickly. She was acting a bit unsure and flustered. So, he raised the other brow as well and then moved them both several times. "Why na'?" he asked, finally.

"Because I say so."

She'd replied quickly, but she sounded shaky, too. Aidan spent a moment on that. If she was feeling unsettled by his presence and what it meant right here and right now, then that was fair and just and right. He grunted.

"Well, I say different, and I'm the laird. My word is law."

She called him a name he hadn't heard before and Aidan raised his brows again, higher this time. He didn't say anything. He didn't know what to say.

"For how long, then?" she asked, finally.

"Ever," he replied.


Reviews Forever Knight

Four Stars!
Author Jackie Ivie delivers a sexy story of two people who battle with, confuse and confound, and ultimately fulfil one another. Aidan reveals some surprising complexity as he deals with his own tactical blunder, less than courage from some of his men, and the conflict between his passion for Juliana and his duty. Juliana isn't as complex, but she gains reader empathy as she's torn between her desire for Aidan and her need for independence. -- BooksForABuck.com

4 stars: "An engrossing, enchanting story with a hint of paranormal, KNIGHT EVERLASTING is one of those books that will simply sweep you away." --The Romance Review

4.5 stars: "Jackie Ivie is a fantastic story teller. Ms.Ivie weaves superstitions, humor of the time, unique customs of the Highlanders, and the unending struggle to hold on to power into Knight Everlasting, as she assails the reader's senses and revs up the heartbeat with sensational loves scenes. WOW!" --Long and Short Reviews

4.5 Stars: "KNIGHT EVERLASTING grabs your initial attention with an abundance of sexual tension, and then multiple conflicts add more enjoyment to your reading pleasure." --Single titles

5 Stars! "It's the unique way the love blossoms between them that captured my heart. I love the way Jackie Ivie brought this story to the conclusion. I have a hard time putting into words the way she captivated me with each chapter. I was spellbound and couldn't put it down. I loved this story from the first page to the last and I can't wait to read another Jackie Ivie book." --Once Upon a Romance Reviews

"I have been following and reading Jackie Ivie books for a very long time. Jackie has taken me to places of magic and mayhem with such flair and wonderful descriptions that it is like seeing these places with my own eyes. The characters jump out at you and scream for attention that you gladly give them because they are so fascinating. I look forward to many more books to read, as they are always a treat." --The Reading Reviewer

"Fans of the Knights will delight with this latest addition." --Romantic Times



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