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August 25, 2014



Jackie Ivie's Morganna
The Brocade Series
by Jackie Ivie

May 7, 2014

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Blood-soaked Battlefields

Powerful Secrets.

And a Forbidden Love.


1310 – Scotland

Life gave her very little. She took it.

Morganna KilCreggar is tall. Lean. Immensely skilled with weaponry. And alone. Orphaned as a child, she did the only thing she could – she became the lad, Morgan. She’s lived the lie, existing on the edge of survival, her every moment devoted to one thing: Clan Vengeance. She vowed to kill the man who’d taken everything from her. Regardless of the cost. Or who got hurt. The FitzHugh laird was a dead man.

All she needs is a means to get near him…

Zander FitzHugh is the youngest of his six brothers. The strongest. The most handsome. Easily, the most charming. There isn’t a woman he can’t entice or a man he can’t sway. Challenges exist to be conquered. But then fate steps in and delivers him a youthful squire. A weapons champion named Morgan. The lad is an enigma, with a taste of the forbidden to his every breath. Zander is determined to make a man out of his new squire.

Or die trying.

--Morganna was previously published as LADY OF THE KNIGHT--



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