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Jackie Ivie's Giselle
The Brocade Collection
by Jackie Ivie

July 22, 2013

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The splendors of the king’s court,
A world of intrigue, lust, and high fashion,
And a forbidden love.


Giselle has everything.

A position in the highest of places – French aristocracy.
Noble antecedents as the only daughter of a powerful man – the Comte d’Antillion.
Rich, wine growing acreage for her dowry – Savignen Valley.
A powerful husband – the Duc de Berchald.
Security as chatelaine of the family’s castle – Chateau Berchand.

And yet, she has nothing.

In the world of high French society, purity has no value. Love, even less. The world revolves around intrigue and power plays, decadence and debauchery, self-indulgence and sin, violence and lust.

And losing her heart changes everything.

Illicit love isn't just sinful. It's foolish. It makes one vulnerable. Weak. For in the world in which Giselle was born, love is just another weapon.


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Available now at:

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