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May 10, 2015



Jackie Ivie's elise
The Brocade Series
by Jackie Ivie

April 24, 2015

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A Woman of Secrets

A Forthright Highlander

The Culture Clash

1876 - England/Scotland

Elise, the Dowager Duchess of Wynd has the appearance of an icy goddess. She's calm. Collected. Controlled. If one spends time in her cool presence, receives a taste of her sharp wit, or hears a hint of the dark reputation that follows her, they'll realize the truth. Elise is a woman of many sides. And many secrets...and an even darker past.

She doesn't let anyone get close. Ever.

Colin MacGowan was a career military man. Stationed in India. He didn't expect to inherit a dukedom. But now that he has, a few items of business need to be addressed. Starting with a bride. He'd like a beauty. A perfect hostess. A lady. He'd also like one his clan will accept.

The last thing he is looking for is Elise.

London ice goddess meets Highland brawn and all sorts of sparks fly. Elise may have met the one person who sees through her. He frightens, angers, and stirs all kinds of passions within her. He's terribly close to her secrets, too. He may even break through her carefully constructed and maintained façade.

And that is something Elise will do anything to prevent...

Elise was previously published as TENDER IS THE KNIGHT.



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