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Jackie Ivie's Averill
The Brocade Collection
by Jackie Ivie

February 9, 2014

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A Military Man of Honor

A Woman in Desperate Circumstances

A Dangerous Deception…


Only the bravest of souls live on the streets of Cairo. And the most desperate…

Raised an orphan in the mission, branded a bastard, and lusted after, Averill had no choice. She couldn’t stay. It wasn’t safe. And she didn’t belong. She doesn’t belong anywhere. Nothing hides her vivid blue eyes and artistic talent. But she’s safe on the streets, as long as no one looks too close. A foreign soldier with an eye for detail could destroy her world.

The only thing worse is going back.

Captain Andrew Tennison has a secret mission, a bent for intrigue, and a taste for danger. What he doesn’t have is any desire to assume his position in England as heir to an earldom. Undercover work in Her Majesty’s service is exactly what he likes. The last thing he needs is to become entangled with a woman of unusual beauty whose existence is in peril. But someone has to step in.

…and alter fate.


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